Amber / Inclusions
Amber is a crucial element in giving humans a deeper understanding of life and how our planet evolved. There exist more than 150 different types of amber,  and each type is a direct gateway to exactly that moment in time and space where the resin was formed.
Because of the amber, we find fossils that otherwise would never be preserved - such as the oldest and first flower, ant and bees. In addition, we also found something so amazing like feathers from dinosaurs, scorpions, lizards and føer. All beautifully preserved in 3D, so well preserved that one can use an electron microscope and get razor-sharp images.
Larger reptiles and mammals is undoubtedly interesting and vital pieces in understanding evolution, but to understand an ecosystem, then the arthropods and plants are the essential pieces. Because diversity is so great and each species has adapted to such a specific habitat, then we using amber get a detailed præsis picture of how the world looked in the given area. By being able to draw an incredibly accurate picture of the past, we can understand the future and how the earth's balance function.
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