Amber / Color
The same number of grains of sand which can be found on the beach, as many drops there are in the sea, as many as there are stars in the sky, just as many different color combinations exist among all types of amber. Each type has its own color scale. However, the primary colors that are typically among the most types of amber is shades of yellow, orange and red. But in addition, there are also colors such as white, black, blue and green - and furthermore there are a number of unique colors and combinations of colors and inclusions that makes every piece of amber to an absolute one-of-a-kind!
In addition, the amber color also influenced by the inclusions, as the piece of amber contains. This could for example be inclusions such as air bubbles which create whitish structure or debris that may cause dark brown structure. In addition, the weather and the environment is also important for each piece. There are also scientists who mentions the possibility of volcanic eruptions and forest fires can have great impact on each piece color.
As you can sense, we must never
underestimate each piece uniqueness.
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