Amber / Amber through time
Throughout the century, amber was used by the people who live around the Baltic sea. Since the Stone Age have humans made jewelry and other decorative items. Already in the oldest Neolithic our ancestors in Scandinavia valued the amber and used it to barter when they traded with people from Italy and Greece. In the imperial Rome was amber high-fashion. It was used not only for jewelery, but also to mugs and other practical purposes. The Romans also knew that when amber was ignited, emitted the aromatic scent and could therefore be used as incense. 

Just as today, amber is still as highly valued in some cultures as it was back then. Today we have incorporated it in our daily lives, and it is included in many products - from industy, cosmetics to jewelry and in different scintific context. Artists are still as deeply fascinated by amber as back then, and useit to produce breathtaking and unique jewelry, items, carvings and objects.
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